Video / Telephone Consultations

What is Telehealth?

Telephone / Video Physiotherapy Consultations

Covid-19 is changing the way that we live our lives. Social distancing, self-isolation and ‘hibernation’ are changing the way that health care is delivered. Telehealth is the use of a phone, tablet or computer to complete an online physiotherapy consultation. At Basham Physiotherapy, we offer both video consultations and traditional telephone consultations. Research has shown that online physiotherapy can be just as effective as in person care.

What's Involved?



Review of your history, your current signs and symptoms and reviewing any imaging (please email any referrals or images to prior to your appointment). If you are completing a video consultation, your physiotherapist will ask you to demonstrate some movements which forms an objective examination.



Your physiotherapist will provide you with a working diagnosis which will include discussing contributing factors.



Treatment will involve education, self-management techniques and any changes that you may need to make including advice on equipment. You will be prescribed an individual exercise program.

How Do I Get Started?

Book An Appointment

Book Online or Call 44221421

You will be emailed a private Physitrack code prior to your appointment

Open in a web browser or download PhysiApp from the App Store or Google Play.

Attend your Appointment

Your physio will call you through Physitrack. Login by using your private link / code at the time of your appointment.

Is an online physiotherapy consultation suitable for my injury?

The majority of injuries and rehabilitation needs can be appropriately managed with online physiotherapy. However, if we determine that your injury is not suitable, it is not safe to be managed online or we would like another opinion, we will be sure to refer you on to an appropriate service. If you are unsure if your injury is suitable for an online consultation, please contact us at

How can a physio treat my injury without ‘hands on’ treatment?

In the current climate where social distancing and isolation are becoming the new norm, ‘hands on’ treatment is not always the most appropriate therapy. In fact, manual hands on treatment is only one of the many tools that our physiotherapists may use during a ‘traditional’ physiotherapy session within the clinic.

Our physiotherapists are highly skilled in clinical reasoning. An essential part of your consultation is education. This involves understanding your condition, identifying contributing factors and devising self-management techniques that you can introduce into your everyday life. A targeted exercise program is an essential component of most rehabilitation programs. Video consultations are a great way for your physio to teach you your exercises, observe your technique and continue to progress your program.

As per the Department of Health Guidelines, Basham Physiotherapy continues to remain open. We will let you know if you have an injury that we feel requires ‘hands on’ therapy.

What funding is available for online physiotherapy?

With the current Covid-19 situation, funding for telehealth allied health services is progressively being rolled out. NSW Workers Compensation, CTP and NDIS are currently funding telephone / video physiotherapy consultations. We are keenly awaiting announcements from the government regarding physiotherapy funding for Medicare and DVA. Some private health insurers will provide a rebate for certain conditions from the 14th of April, 2020. We recommend that you contact your health provider prior to your appointment to determine if you are covered for physiotherapy via telehealth.

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